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Construction Project Recycling, Tracking and Reporting

Construction projects create a lot of debris that’s often destined for the landfill. Full-scale construction recycling provides a solution, helping builders reduce waste costs, track their recycle rate, achieve LEED certification, and reach sustainability benchmarks.


Synergis – Zero Waste Group is a waste consulting firm with more than 20 years of experience in construction debris recycling, waste consulting and trash management. We manage construction site recycling programs, enabling contractors to significantly reduce waste, determine accurate recycling diversion rates, and achieve certification.

Construction Project Recycling

Synergis – Zero Waste Group understands how to successfully facilitate recycling at construction sites. We’ve helped construction firms reduce waste by more than 90%, divert hundreds of tons of debris from landfills, and achieve LEED certification.


We offer in-depth expertise in construction recycling, and we manage the process from start to finish. Our process includes:

  • Pre-Project Consultation

  • On-Site Dumpsters and Pickup Coordination

  • Plans for Maximizing Material Recycling

  • Material Tracking & Reporting

  • Compliance and Certification Support

Why Work with Us?

Our consultants in San Francisco and New York have worked with Fortune 500 companies and numerous construction firms on debris recycling programs. We develop custom plans for your project:


  • Our custom recycling plan is tailored to the types of materials your project will generate.

  • We offer recycling expertise for a full range of construction materials.

  • We  consider compliance and certification requirements.

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Case Studies

Learn more about how Synergis - Zero Waste Group has empowered construction firms to significantly reduce waste and maximize materials recycling. Our case studies describe new construction and renovation projects.

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