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Waste Program Training for Commercial Facilities

The success of a waste and recycling program is dependent upon awareness, knowledge and understanding from tenants and staff. Your employees or tenants must understand trash handling protocol to keep your program in compliance, keep your program running smoothly, and to help you reach your recycling, composting or Zero Waste goals.


Synergis - Zero Waste Group provides comprehensive tenant/employee training for recycling, composting and Zero Waste programs. Our training programs are tailored to your facility’s garbage and recycle program, local recycling requirements, and corporate goals.

A Custom Garbage & Recycling Training Program

We develop and implement training programs that provide your employees with the knowledge they need to fully participate in your facility’s garbage and recycling program. Our training programs are designed to empower staff and tenants to be knowledgeable about trash management protocol.


Our comprehensive training programs include:


  • Research - Confirm local recycle laws and communicate with your haulers to get up-to-date information about the local recycling, composting and garbage services.

  • Develop Written Materials - Written materials are developed for recycle, compost and garbage services to comply with recycle laws and local hauler program.

  • Signs and Labels - Review labels and signs for your interior and exterior trash and recycle containers and make improvements to increase participation and promote correct sorting.

  • Group and Individual Training - Provide engaging group or individual training sessions for facility’s staff, tenants and custodial team.

  • Multilingual Training Materials - Develop training materials in multiple languages as needed.

Benefits of Waste Program Training:

  • Improve staff/tenant understanding of proper sorting

  • Update staff/tenants on program changes

  • Jump start new recycle or compost program

  • Resolve compliance issues

  • Resolve bin contamination problems

  • Improve bin labeling

  • Increase recycle rate, reduce amount of garbage

  • Reduce greenhouse gases generated

  • Reduce garbage costs

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Case Studies

Synergis - Zero Waste Group has developed numerous successful employee and tenant training programs. Learn more about how our training programs can help your facility reach your garbage, recycling and composting goals.

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