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Garbage Cost Reduction


Garbage Cost Reduction for Commercial Facilities

Does your facility overspend on garbage and recycling? It’s very likely you do. Many facilities can reduce their garbage costs by 20-40% or more!  

Synergis - Zero Waste Group provides garbage cost reduction programs for commercial facilities. Our services are designed to improve sorting, optimize hauling services, increase diversion rates, and reduce your garbage costs for years to come.

Reducing Your Facility’s Garbage Costs

Which cost reduction strategies will work best for your facility? Resolving  overflowing bin problems? Training staff or tenants to properly sort materials? Optimizing your collection schedule or equipment? Switching to a more cost-effective hauler?

Each facility is unique and requires its own customized strategy to lower monthly garbage costs. Our mission is to identify and implement key cost-saving measures that will work best for your facility, and professionally manage your garbage costs long-term.

Synergis - Zero Waste Group’s garbage cost reduction services include:

  • Waste Program Review: Review of your current garbage, recycling and composting services and equipment, sorting practices, and costs.  

  • Program Optimization: Service levels are optimized and the most cost-effective waste handling equipment is selected.  

  • Ongoing Tenant/Staff Training: Proper training is provided along with clearly labeled bins to maximize recycling and composting, and reduce landfill waste. Continued training is provided to ensure that costs stay low for the long term.

  • Ongoing Vendor Management: Service levels are adjusted as facility occupancy changes or for seasonal fluctuations in garbage volume. Vendor bills are reviewed, corrected, and paid every month

Benefits of Reducing Your Facility’s Garbage Costs

Garbage cost reduction services can result in significant savings for commercial facilities, adding up to thousands of dollars per month. The full range of benefits includes:

  • Lower garbage costs - typically 20%-40% savings

  • Smoother running garbage program

  • Less time spent managing garbage issues

  • Increased recycling diversion

  • Fewer greenhouse gases generated

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Case Studies

Learn about our successful cost reduction programs that have helped commercial facilities save thousands of dollars in monthly trash fees.

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