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Waste Audits


Waste Audits for Facilities

What is a waste audit? Why would you need one? A waste audit analyzes your facility’s waste materials to determine the amount and types of waste generated. Waste audits empower commercial facilities to identify trash-reduction and cost-saving strategies and to fine tune their garbage and recycling programs.


Synergis - Zero Waste Group provides a variety of waste audit solutions for facilities. Using the information gained from a waste audit, our staff can determine recycling diversion rates, contamination levels, and waste reduction opportunities. We use this information to optimize service schedules and equipment use, to reduce your garbage costs, to support LEED certification, and as the baseline for a Zero Waste plan.

Our Waste Audit Services

Synergis - Zero Waste Group provides three levels of waste audits. Each level provides facilities with key data points that can be used to optimize their trash programs. Our waste audits include:

  • Visual Waste Audits - Our staff visually inspects your garbage and recycling to estimate contamination levels and volumes generated. Visual audits are recommended for property level use only, to improve your current garbage and recycle program, and to reduce costs.

  • Waste Bag Sampling - We inspect a percentage of your garbage and recycle bags, review their contents, and record the estimated percentage of various material types included (food, paper, bottles & cans, garbage, etc.). Waste sampling provides a more detailed understanding of what’s in your waste and results can be drilled down to the department or tenant level.

  • Comprehensive Waste Audits - All material generated is removed from bags, sorted by type (paper, cardboard, bottles, cans, food, etc.) and weighed. This provides an accurate and detailed percentage of each material type and weight that your facility generates. Comprehensive waste audits are ideal for LEED or other certifications and can be used as a baseline for Zero Waste plans.

Benefits of a Waste Audit

Waste  audits from Synergis - Zero Waste Group offer a number of benefits for commercial facilities. Waste audits are the basis for optimizing your garbage and recycle program, increasing recycling, reducing garbage generated, and can provide cost savings in the form of service and equipment optimization.


Waste audits enable facilities to:

  • Determine Recycling Diversion Rate (percent of material that is not landfilled or incinerated)

  • Determination of Contamination Rate (percent of material that is not properly sorted)

  • Identify Where Staff/Vendor Training is Needed

  • Optimize Service Levels

  • Fine Tune  Equipment Sizes

  • Identify New Waste Reduction Strategies

  • Achieve Compliance and Certification

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Case Studies

Synergis - Zero Waste Group’s team has in-depth experience providing waste audits for facilities of all types and sizes. Explore real-world examples of waste audits that Synergis - Zero Waste Group has performed.

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