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Recycling & Compost


Recycling & Compost Program Implementation for Commercial Facilities

A strong business case can be made for commercial recycling & compost programs. Cost reductions, compliance, and increased diversion rates are all advantages of a successful program.


Yet, it’s not as simple as adding a recycle or compost bin next to your trash.  Complying with local regulations, finding haulers and markets for recycled materials, selecting the correct equipment and service levels at the lowest cost, and thorough employee training are all needed for success.


Synergis - Zero Waste Group offers a comprehensive solution. Our experienced team designs and implements new and expanded recycling & compost programs for commercial facilities that are designed for long-term success.  

Recycling & Compost Programs: Our Services

Establishing a successful recycling or compost program requires top-to-bottom planning. Our programs cover everything from compliance review to comprehensive training, with several crucial steps in between.  


Synergis - Zero Waste Group designs and implements comprehensive commercial facility recycling & compost programs. Our services include:


  • Compliance Review - Review local recycle and compost program compliance requirements.

  • Waste Program Audit - Calculate baseline diversion rate, check contamination levels, identify quantities of recyclable & compostable materials generated at facility, and project potential diversion rate.

  • Review Collection Options - Identify local recycle & compost collection program options that match materials discarded by facility.

  • Vendor Selection - Select vendors for collection of discarded materials.

  • Dumpsters and Interior Bins - Select appropriate size and quantity of dumpsters and interior bins, arrange delivery, labeling, and collection schedule.

  • Training - Develop and distribute educational materials to guide facility occupants in proper material separation. Multilingual training materials available.  

  • Fine Tuning - Monitor and adjust service levels and provide additional training where needed.

Benefits of Recycling & Compost Program Implementation

Commercial recycling and compost programs offer numerous benefits. From compliance to cost savings, a successful program provides the following benefits:  

  • Compliance with recycle & compost requirements

  • Recycle or compost additional materials from your trash

  • Increase diversion rate

  • Reduce quantity of trash generated

  • Reduce trash disposal costs

  • Reduce greenhouse gases generated

  • Supports sustainability goals, LEED and other certifications

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