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Zero Waste


Zero Waste Plans and Certification for Commercial Facilities

A Zero Waste initiative at your commercial facility greatly reduces waste -- by 90% or more - through waste reduction, reuse, recycling and composting. Once a facility is diverting 90% or more of its waste from landfill or incineration, it can be certified as a Zero Waste facility.


Synergis – Zero Waste Group has designed and implemented  Zero Waste programs for Fortune 500 companies and industrial facilities. We also provide certification for facilities that have achieved Zero Waste. Our staff is certified by the US Green Business Council and the U.S. Zero Waste Business Council to provide Zero Waste consulting services.


Here’s how we do it: Our waste consultants analyze waste generation throughout your facility. Then, we develop and implement a personalized Zero Waste plan. Our Zero Waste plans have helped facilities reduce waste  by more than 90%, save more than $100,000 per year in waste disposal costs, and divert hundreds of tons of trash from landfills each year.

A Blueprint for Achieving Zero Waste

For commercial facilities, Zero Waste programs provide many benefits. Greatly reducing waste – up to 90% or more – can result in significant cost savings. And Zero Waste programs help facilities reduce emissions and reach sustainability benchmarks.


Achieving Zero Waste requires a comprehensive plan that encompasses your facility’s entire operation – from the supply chain to the service floor. Our comprehensive Zero Waste Plans are customized for your facility. Our process includes:

  • Zero Waste Auditing: We provide a comprehensive waste audit and analysis to measure your diversion rate by material type and understand what remains in your garbage, and where each item is generated.

  • Zero Waste Planning: We communicate with each department regarding their waste, and research available waste reduction, reuse, recycle and compost opportunities. This enables us to develop a Zero Waste plan including specific diversion strategies.

  • Program Implementation: We support the implementation of all new waste minimization strategies.

  • Metric Tracking: We develop tracking templates to monitor your monthly diversion and track your progress towards Zero Waste.

Benefits of Zero Waste Plans

Achieving Zero Waste offers a number of benefits for commercial facilities. Zero Waste can reduce costs, streamline your facility’s waste management program, and help your facility reach its sustainability goals. Key benefits include:


  • Roadmap to 90% or higher diversion

  • Fewer items going to landfill or incineration

  • Lower garbage disposal cost

  • Fewer greenhouse gases produced

  • Supports corporate environmental goals

  • Third-party verification of your Zero Waste success

  • Publicity for your Zero Waste achievements

Zero Waste Certification

Synergis - Zero Waste group provides certification for Zero Waste facilities. Our process includes verifying your facility’s success in diverting 90% or more of your waste from landfill or incineration. To certify your facility as Zero Waste, we conduct a comprehensive review of your waste  management, recycling and reuse programs. Our process includes several steps:

  • Review of summary waste diversion report showing 90% or higher diversion

  • Review of each waste stream and supporting vendor documentation

  • Review calculations and volume-to-weight conversion formulas used

  • Calculate diversion rate

  • Verify that materials were reused, recycled or composted

  • Produce Zero Waste Certification Report & Certificate

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Case Studies

Synergis - Zero Waste Group has helped many facilities develop Zero Waste plans and earn Zero Waste certification. Explore real-world examples of how our custom plans have empowered facilities to go Zero Waste.

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