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Recycling & Composting Compliance

Recycling and composting laws differ from one community to the next, and these laws can change from year to year. This makes compliance a challenge for commercial facilities.


Synergis - Zero Waste Group enables facilities to improve their trash and recycling programs to comply with local laws.

Achieving Recycling Compliance

Complying with local recycling laws doesn’t have to be a challenge. Synergis - Zero Waste Group provides the expertise to get your facility in compliance with local recycling and composting laws quickly. Our process includes:


  • Research - Examine local recycling laws to ensure your facility achieves compliance.

  • Waste Audits - Inspect your waste to identify areas of non-compliance.

  • Implementing Required Programs - Determine appropriate bin sizes and collection frequency and coordinate new bin delivery.

  • Training - Train tenants/staff on proper recycling and composting sorting protocol.

Benefits of Achieving Recycling & Composting Compliance

  • Eliminate risk of citations or fines for non-compliance

  • Know your program is up-to-date with current requirements

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Case Studies

Explore Synergis - Zero Waste Group's case studies related to recycling and composting compliance. Our team provided waste compliance consulting for facilities of all sizes.

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