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Waste Consulting for Commercial Facilities


Waste Consulting for Commercial Facilities

For over 20 years, Synergis - Zero Waste Group has enabled commercial facilities to optimize their trash and recycle programs. We provide complete waste consulting services to reduce costs, resolve problems, improve trash programs, and reduce time spent grappling with waste issues.

Our Waste Consulting Services

Every facility has its own unique waste management needs. Yet, no matter the industry you operate in, your waste program can be improved and optimized to achieve significant cost savings, increase participation, achieve compliance, and increase recycling.


Our waste consulting services can help you identify cost-saving strategies and solve common trash management issues. Our strategic waste consulting services include:


  • Cost Reduction – Analysis of your waste management program to identify cost-saving strategies. Implementation of these strategies will  reduce costs long-term.

  • Waste Audits – Three levels of waste audits to determine the amount of trash and recycling produced at your facility. Waste audits help identify waste reduction strategies to implement.

  • Training – In-depth tenant or employee training. Multilingual training materials available.

  • Compliance – Implementing programs which enable your facility to achieve waste compliance.

  • Recycling & Compost Programs – Implementation of customized recycle and compost programs for your facility.

  • Zero Waste – Design and implementation of Zero Waste plans, and certification of Zero Waste facilities.

Additional Waste Consulting Services

Synergis - Zero Waste Group also provides the following specialized services to improve your waste programs.  

  • Garbage Cost Allocation Among Buildings or Tenants – Review overall trash costs and then split equitably among tenants based on usage.

  • Service & Equipment Recommendations – Review or estimate volume of recycle, compost and trash generated, review collection and equipment options (compactors and balers), and recommend appropriate service levels and equipment for new and existing facilities.

  • Waste Service Problem Resolution – Resolve ongoing overflows, extra charges, incorrect service levels,  missed pickups, frequent equipment breakdowns, or other service problems.

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Case Studies

Synergis - Zero Waste Group provides comprehensive waste consulting services for commercial facilities. Explore case studies from a variety of successful projects.

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