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Comprehensive Waste Management

Synergis Zero Waste - Comprehensive Waste Management

Comprehensive Waste Management for Commercial Facilities

Are you spending too much time managing your facility’s garbage and recycling programs? Synergis - Zero Waste Group can help with our Comprehensive Waste Management service.


With Comprehensive Waste Management, our waste consultants design a customized plan and provide ongoing management of your facility’s garbage program, enabling you to reduce costs, recycle more, and spend less time managing waste.

A Customized  Blueprint for Managing Waste

Every facility has its own waste management needs. The garbage, recycling and composting requirements of a retail center differ greatly from a research facility or an office building.


That’s why we develop 100% customized plans for our clients. Our personalized waste management plans are aligned to each facility’s specific goals.  Our four-step process for professional garbage and recycle program management includes:

1. Review of your existing waste program. Our team gathers information and data about your existing program, current problems, local recycling and composting requirements, and your sustainability goals.


2. Identify opportunities for improvement. Synergis - Zero Waste Group develops a 100% unique plan for your facility. Our comprehensive solutions enable facilities to streamline operations, resolve problems, achieve compliance, cut costs, and reduce waste.


3. Implement the plan. Our team oversees the launch of your new garbage and recycle  program. We provide vendor selection and management, optimize your collection schedule, develop Best Management Practices for waste handling, and provide training in multiple languages to set your program up for success.


4. Manage your waste program for long-term success. Our team oversees your garbage, recycling and composting programs. We manage and pay vendor bills, coordinate vendor services and equipment repair, visit your property regularly to provide ongoing training and resolve problems, and provide monthly reporting to ensure your program continues to run smoothly.

Benefits of a Comprehensive Waste Management Service

Working with Synergis - Zero Waste Group enables you to gain control of your garbage and recycling program, greatly reduce time spent managing waste, and keep costs down. Key benefits include:  

  • Smoother running garbage/recycling program

  • Neater trash enclosures

  • Program compliance with local recycling laws

  • Reduced time spent managing garbage

  • Improved tenant/staff material sorting

  • Tenants/staff take more responsibility for trash handling

  • Increased recycling and/or composting

  • Fewer greenhouse gases generated

  • Support of your facility’s sustainability goals

  • Monthly reports provided

  • Ongoing opportunity to lower costs

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Case Studies

Want to see what a Comprehensive Waste Management solution can do for your facility? Explore our project case studies featuring retail, office and industrial facilities.

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